Does Venorex Cream really work for varicose veins?

For many people, varicose veins are mainly a cosmetic problem: They do not like the look of their legs with uneven used Venorex Cream, bluish veins An estimated one in five adults has varicose. Mostly they do not make further noticeable, but they can also lead to symptoms such as heavy legs or leg cramps. Complications are rare.

Varicose veins are superficial veins that are bulged knotty. They are also called "varicose veins" or "varicose veins". Varices can violet or bluish shimmer through the skin, swollen and sometimes occur significantly outward. Most often varicose veins found on the calves or insides of the legs.

A less pronounced form of varicose veins - Venorex Cream Reviews - may also occur on the face and other body areas. They are called spider veins because their fine branches under the skin of thin branches (twigs) remember. Spider veins are often, but not cause any health problems.

Varicose veins can cause the legs feel heavy and the skin stretches or itches. Your complaints are usually too late in the day, especially after prolonged sitting or standing. Sometimes solve varicose also night cramps or pain. In warm weather, the complaints are usually pronounced. not necessarily a relationship exists between the appearance of varicose veins and the severity of the symptoms: So can cause numerous problems and large, gnarled veins thickened no inconspicuous veins.

Varicose veins can also affect the well-being. Some people with varicose veins, it is unpleasant when her legs are visible. Therefore only wear long pants and renounce activities such as swimming and you can use Venorex Cream. If the appearance of the legs heavily loaded, a treatment may be useful even without severe symptoms.

In the legs are superficial, but even deeper veins. The deep veins carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart. They are supported by the leg muscles: When walking the muscles squeeze the deep veins together, thus the blood is pushed against gravity back to the heart. Thus, it can not flow back, the veins are equipped with venous valves, which act as valves.

The superficial leg veins that carry blood from the skin, the fatty tissue and the muscles in the deeper veins. If the valves of the superficial veins is not functioning properly, the blood accumulates in them. This can have various causes and you can cure these with the Venorex Cream. Some people have weaker vein walls and flaps than others. It may also be that not enough pressure is applied to the vein - for example, because the muscles will not be moved sufficiently, because one frequently is at a position or sitting motionless.

Some people have a hereditary tendency to varicose veins. In women varicose veins often occur in pregnancy for the first time. The solution is the Venorex Cream. The hormonal changes in the body tissue and the extra weight cause the blood to drain from the poor vein. Also very overweight increases the pressure in the legs and veins, which the development of varicose veins favored especially in women.

A rash in the area of varicose veins can be a first indication that forms an ulcer. On such a risk indicates a so-called... This is a relatively rare disease in which the skin brown around the ankles inside, taut, thin and more sensitive to pain is.